‘I attended James Harpur’s tutorials at the Munster Literature Centre in 2008. I found James to be an enlightened and most encouraging tutor. The course allowed me to flesh out and hone enough poems to publish a full collection entitled 'Diviner' ( Third Spires Press). I can thoroughly recommend him to any prospective students.’
~ Eugene O' Connell (Poet and Editor of Cork Literary Review)

 ‘James knows what he’s talking about.  It was reassuring to have so clear a voice when he considered my work and as he worked with me on it.  He made me very aware of my own writing – made me look very closely at it.  His expertise was obvious as we sat, listened and discussed.  His approach to the critique of my poems was open, unintimidating and frank which is exactly what any writer needs.’
~ Liz O’Donoghue (Poet, author of Train to Gorey, Arlen House)

‘It is daunting to have your story critiqued but the gentleness and warmth with which James Harpur discussed my work made it an enjoyable experience. He put a lot of effort into it and was very thorough and affirmative. The session was not only valuable in teaching me about the one story, but also about where I wanted to go with my writing in general.’
~ Silke O’Reilly, short story writer 

‘When I think of James Harpur’s poetry workshop in the Munster Literature Centre I am reminded of his sensitivity© James Harpur, 2001 both to the writer and the work. His critiques while invariably gentle and often couched in wry humour are nonetheless insightful and display an in-depth understanding of language and style. With individual tutorials he brings this same spirit to the editing table leaving the writer with a deep  sense of affirmation and joy in the creative process.’
Lena Cronin, poet and photographer

‘In 2006 I was fortunate enough to be mentored for an extended period by James Harpur. James’s sessions always took place in a relaxed, convivial atmosphere, in a mental space conducive to putting work on the table and having it carefully examined. James has an uncanny ability to identify the ‘sore spot’ in a piece of writing, to put his finger on why it isn’t performing to its potential. Sometimes this can be a small thing: a line out of place or a jarring phrase. Sometimes it can be a deeper problem: an issue with structure or perspective.   James is not afraid to criticise but his opinions are always offered gently and in constructive language. In 2007 my first collection of poetry was published by the Dedalus Press, Dublin. I feel my sessions with James contributed in no small part to this success.’ 
~ Billy Ramsell, poet, author of Unreliable Pleasures, Dedalus Press

‘I knew James to be an excellent facilitator of poetry in the Munster Literature Centre in Cork, therefore I was happy to bring my manuscript to him for critiquing. James is very thorough, his notes clear and insightful. It has been very helpful and encouraging experience for me.’  
~ Marie Coveney, poet

‘I had the privilege to co-host a writing workshop at the Munster Literature Centre with the poet, James Harpur. I personally found the experience enlightening and I can’t imagine any writer or poet who would not benefit from James’s vast knowledge of the world of poetry, his incisive, encouraging critiques and his gentle, innate humanity.’
Vincent McDonnell, novelist, winner of the 1989 GPA First Fiction Award and the 2003 Francis MacManus Short Story competition.

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